Misfits with Super Powers

I’m watching a UK show, Misfits. I like the idea of the show. A pack of teenaged misfits are sent to do community service. There’s a weird hail storm and they are blasted with something that gives each of them a super power: telepathy, invisibility, time bending, sex pot and the fifth is a mystery/ unknown.

During the shows he is wondering what his super power is or if he was the only one not given a power. He tries jumping of something to see if he can fly. One of the others gives him a smack when he wonders if he is immune to pain. It isn’t until the end of the last episode in the series that we find out his super power is immortality. Immortality would be hard to notice after all. He only finds out when he ends up being buried after he seems to have died. That is the cliff hanger for the first season of the series.

The show is like the Breakfast Club crossed with Mutant X. You can read more about Misfits on Wikipedia and on Facebook.

If you were given a super power, not knowing what it might be, how would you figure it out? You’d have to be careful not to do something drastic only to find out you couldn’t fly (for instance) after all.

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