Miniature Roses

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I’ve bought two beautiful miniature roses this year. One isn’t doing so well. I think it wants to hybernate. Silly rose, it’s nearly Spring now.

HerGardenWeb needs a new site manager. I’d like to do it, I’m tempted to do it but how could I do it? Soon my head is going to start spinning around.

But, I would like to do it.

ProcrastinationWork from Home with A Home-Based Business Online

Overcoming Procrastination In Your Home Business
© 2000 Elena Fawkner

I’m always procrastinating. I’ve developed it to an art form. At the end of the article she writes about how it’s really self-doubt among other things. For me it is self-doubt. I let myself fall into doubt pits and it’s easier to stay there than crawl back out again.

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