Mini Vacation, Sort of

I haven’t actually gone anywhere, much. No exotic locale. I’m just house sitting, kind of, not that I really have to do anything other than water the gardens and keep it from burning down suddenly one night. It’s my brother’s house in Newmarket. Most of the renovations are done here. He may start on revamping the bathroom now that the rest of the house is all done over.

Anyway, he has a very speedy Internet connection, enough TV stations to keep the worst couch potato/ TV junkie happy and I brought lots of good things to eat including freshly picked string beans and spaghetti squash from the garden. So it’s kind of a vacation. I guess.

It doesn’t quite feel like one. I miss the car. I think that’s the only reason it doesn’t feel more fun. I really like his house. It still reminds me of the house my Grandparents had while we were growing up. He has renovated so much that the only thing left of the old house (other than the basic structure and foundations) are the hard wood floors. The windows used to match the floors, I miss them even though the new windows are much… well, newer. It does still have that smell though. A nice smell, the smell of an old house from the 50’s which has been taken care of (without air conditioning for most of it’s life). It has air conditioning now but there is a certain smell that gets baked into the wood floors and window panes on those scorching summer days. I don’t think it will ever totally disappear, unless he gets new floors. I keep hoping he doesn’t. I will really miss that smell. It brings back so many nice thoughts of that other old house my Grandparents used to live in. (They are both gone now).

Anyway, I think I will try the TV later. I’ve been having a lot fun online. His connection is like the speed of light. We both have DSL I just have an old computer, not a brand new Intel P4.

I am looking forward to a new PC. I just know it will come to me. I read it in a fortune cookie.

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