Mini Interview with A Slip of a Girl

Writers who work at home like to be comfortable, yet pretty rather than sloppy.  So I decided to ask lingerie blogger, A Slip Of A Girl, “What would be nice, comfortable lingerie for working in front of the computer?”

Laura, I think my blogging name and blog name, A Slip Of A Girl, rather gives it away — I love wearing slips!

I primarily do most of my writing at night, while the whole house is asleep, and while I’ve nothing against the stereotype of bloggers sitting in front of their computers wearing their pajamas (and I certainly do wear slips to sleep in!), I find that full-slips have other advantages.

First, even if you opt not to wear a bra beneath them, full-slips offer breast support. This is quite practical, especially for the larger-busted among us. Sitting for long periods of time can be difficult enough, so why add poor breast support to the problem?

Second, there’s nothing quite like the feel of vintage nylon. It’s slinky, sexy, and most often is adorned with lace. Together the nylon and lace make me feel pretty. And it’s rather hard to remain in a funk or even writer’s block for long when you feel pretty!

Third, full-slips are very inexpensive. Even the vintage ones, which I so love, can be found in new or nearly new conditions so inexpensively at thrift stores that these lingerie pieces can be called “cheap.” Which means you can run out and get yourself one — or a dozen *giggle* — and not spend much money at all. Plus, nylon slips are very easy to care for. Nylon is incredibly stain resistant (coffee, tea, and wine just rolls off), and the fabric launders very well. You can even let slips drip-dry and save on your energy bill.

However, if you ladies work from home primarily during the daytime hours when someone could pop by or knock on the door at any time, and being spotted in your slip would prove too embarrassing, there are less revealing options. Loungewear — the true loungewear, vintage pieces which one often entertained in, are beautiful, comfortable, and modest in terms of coverage. If that look seems too glamorous, there are adorable cami sets out now which are cute, comfy, and presentable for company too. Of course, such attire could continue to perpetuate those thoughts others have that what you do “isn’t work”. *heavy sigh* But I opt to rise above those inaccurate thoughts and focus more on my comfort and maintaining the inspiration to blog.

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