Merry Prequel to You

Yesterday I made icebox cookies with Sherry at her new house in Pickering. The house made me feel jealous, not something I experience very often. I’m usually just glad for others and don’t apply it to myself very much. But, I was looking around her place, so pretty and all her own. I did feel a bit sad that I’m older than she is and have done the married thing and yet I have nothing to really come home to. Just upstairs people who I really would be glad to never have to deal with again. I’m not whining. Things are how they are and I made my choices.

Cookie baking was fun. Sherry was really happy to be baking, a real old fashioned Xmas kind of thing. I’m surprised she had never done that with her own Mother/ family before. It was pretty standard for us, even Graham make cookies when we were kids. He still likes to cook but not sweet stuff. Even if spaghetti is his favourite he can make other things if he chooses too.

Tonight I am back at Sarah’s house. I think I am going back to the Beaches tomorrow. I will feel sad/ bad to leave Zack but it is nice to be in your own place even if you don’t like it and have to bitch to get your key back. I’m really tired too. I haven’t slept most nights more than a couple of hours. I thought I would love being at Sherry’s to have a real bed (the mattress was perfect too) but of course I had to get my damned period and I couldn’t sleep for hours with that and thinking that I’d get muck on her perfectly crisp, spotless white sheets. I didn’t. But I would have been mortified if I had. She is one of those people who just have everything so perfect, right out of the pages of Home and Garden magazine.

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