Merry Meet 2005

Only hours left for 2005, soon it will just be recalled in memory. Each year only gets a year and then it’s gone forever, never to be seen again. Like the life of a bug, short and soon pushed aside. I think about the year about to leave us. There is no rush to shove it aside, as if I’m in a hurry to be rid of it. I appreciate that it was here, that we had this year, all of us. I feel just a bit sad to see it end.

Each day is like that. You wake up in the morning and the new day has already begun, waiting for you, knowing it only has 24 hours to live. What did you wear that day, anything different or did you not bother to care? Did you start the day fresh, teeth brushed, ready to smile and greet the day?

In the middle of the day, around noon, did you feel how the day had become middle aged? Not quite so fresh and perky now, maybe just a touch down knowing it’s time is half gone.

In the evening I think the day gets a second wind, knowing time is precious and each moment counts. Then, the final moments, when the day is feeling kind of tired and wishing it had more time. But, no one gets more time, each day, each year comes but once and only gets a set amount of time.

Are you appreciating time this weekend? Not the fleetingness of time but the fact that it exists. Here we are. We were one of the very few born out of billions of possibilities between humans. We were born as humans, not an insect, not another mammal but human, able to make decisions and choices about our time. Here you are, in this year, in this speck of time, part of the chain of life. Stretching so far behind and ahead of you, the chain is eternal, endless, seeming to have no beginning and no end.

Here we are, at the end of 2005, a year that will never be again. But here we are.

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