Mentally Refreshing Harajuku

I posted about harajuku girl fashion in my personal blog. It was fun to see the photos of these girls especially. There is such a wide variety of clothes, styles and art involved.

One point I came away with is “Mix and match – harajuku style is about visually and mentally refreshing contrasts” (Quoted from Mooky Chick’s post about harajuku fashion).  One thing harajuku has is vibrancy, vitality – even the dark and gothic fashions have a life of their own.

We need to bring all of this to our writing. It’s creative, alive and full of contrast and yet attractive (even cute) at the same time. Maybe you can bring new life to a description of something standard by adding humour. Maybe you can bring a vitality to your characters by giving them contrasting viewpoints and conflicting morals. Maybe you can pull creativity into your blog posts by putting more of yourself and your art into them, don’t stand back and read it and edit out all the risky parts that might expose something of yourself.

Be a harajuku girl for a day and wear something mix and match, take a chance and just have fun.

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