Men’s Fashion Blog?

Fashion Advice and Fashion Tips for Men
Selling themselves short to call it a fashion blog. Although, maybe this is what a men’s fashion blog would be. Not all that gunk they stick into women’s fashion blogs/ magazines.

More sites for men…

Manly Web Biographies of real men. Not just girls, sports and entertainment. I knew there had to be more to men! 😉

Manly Thoughts is looking for writers. It used to be a site about more than reality TV. I remember it from a few years ago.

Seeking Writers, Humorists, and Ponderers!!.

I, Rob Daugherty, am seeking individuals with ideas and opinions to take over and build this site into something that it should be. And it doesn’t have to be just men. Ideally, I’d like to have women’s views on things so that men visiting the site can continue to make feeble attempts to understand this whacked-out species.

I do not plan on selling the domain name. However, I can create specific subdomains for content providers allowing them complete control over their particular area of interest – including their own passwords and advertising/income methods. (Complete control to a certain extent – I will not allow gratuitous sex and violence, porn, excessive vulgarity, etc. One doesn’t have to be disgusting to get their point across, even with a site called ManlyThoughts.)

Thank you,
Rob Daugherty, webmaster

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