Men Probably Should Not Read This

I just had another idea for a mini project or possibly an article, assuming I find the right niche/ market.

Once upon a time I wrote for the HerPlanet network. There is no point in adding a link there cause the whole thing is now gone. Sad to see it go. Anyway, the women who managed the sites (I did a site for writers called HerCorner) would also chat about life, the network and everything on an email list, just for us grrls. Anyway, when referring to their husbands (beloved or not so beloved) they called them DH. If you were guessing would you assume DH was darling husband or darned husband?

For some reason my mind flashed on that old tidbit. I wonder (I’m sure there are) other ways women politely and not so politely refer to their husbands and significant others in code. I will post what I find. But, I think the husband types should bypass this thread. Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings or get their undies in a knot. It’s just for fun.

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