Men are Pathetic, in General

This is a rant so get over it.

I am so tired of men who treat me like a disposable camera. They send a few emails back and forth tell me I’m interesting, pretty, etc. Then they just stop, forget I exist, toss me aside like a used book of matches, whatever. What is so wrong with them? Are they just big weenies or are they really that rude/ crass? Why can’t they send an email saying they don’t think it will work out between us cause… whatever reason. I wouldn’t know cause I just get the rubbish treatment. I’m fed up with it. I wish there was a way to know in advance if that was the kind of pathetic loser he was. Then I could just never answer any of his emails, spare myself.

Before you think it… I don’t do this to people. This week I sent out two emails saying “thank you, but no” politely and with my reason, usually just that the distance is too much and I don’t want to try another long distance relationship having done it (unsuccessfully) at least times already. Why can’t men be this courteous? Are they just that obnoxiously rude or are they gutless wonders?

There’s my rant, for now. Like it or lick it.

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