Manic Monday: Heart

Manic Monday – Today the word is heart.

Heart makes me think of a couple of things.One, having heart and courage and keeping yourself inspired and passionate enough to keep going when things aren’t easy or simple.

Two, everyone needs something to help them keep faith, keep heart. If you don’t have friends, then family. If you have no one at times (and there will be times when you are alone) you can always count on the dust bunnies. They certainly have followed me everyone I go.

I’d like to say something about a great romantic love or something nice and mushy in general. But, I don’t have the experience in that area. I’m working on it, kind of. Trying to keep working and have the heart to not give up. I don’t believe there is “the one” for everyone. That would mean there is only one person for each of us. That’s not a very promising prospect. What if your “the one” lives in Egypt and you never meet. Should you just not bother to look then? Wouldn’t that be silly.

I am sure people are individual souls and there is no one soul we can mix with, there are endless combinations. It is up to each of the individuals to work together to make being a couple work out.

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