Making Resolutions for Writers

An old post from BackWash, written by a friend, now deceased. Her blog, Anything Under the Sun, is still up on She was a teacher and a poet, among other things.

It’s the season for making resolutions. And this is no different for those of us in the writing world.

I don’t know about you, but I have not been writing like I should for a few weeks now. Procrastination has set in with a vengeance. So, it’s time for me to make some resolutions:

1. I will write every day. I don’t care if I have anything I think is worth saying. The physical act of writing will eventually spark some writing that will be worth pursuing.

2. I will read every day. It has been too easy lately to come home, sit down in front of the TV and three hours later I realize I have done nothing. I don’t care if it’s a newspaper, a magazine, or a book of poetry. Wide reading gives me fodder for my writing.

3. I will take a writing class, seminar, weekend, whatever. I need the interaction with other writers to grow and develop. I need their feedback.

4. I will attempt to publish more this year. If very little goes out, very little will be published. And I have a lot to share with others through my writing. All I have to do is find the right publication, the right editor, and hope s/he didn’t have a cucumber sandwich for lunch.

5. I will finally apply for that degree I have always wanted.

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