Making Much of a Dent

I don’t think anyone volunteers to be forgettable, or forgotten. Maybe in some fictional story, but fiction doesn’t count.

But, just like we can’t know everything or meet and know every person (even just those alive while we are) we are going to be forgotten. It’s not something to make anyone feel particularly happy but, the good thing is, you won’t be here to know about it.

I do think we are reincarnated. But, that isn’t the same as remembering who you were. If you are reincarnated a dozen times do you really want to remember all of them and if you do, what would you do about it anyway? Time has gone. You have to move along with time or get left behind in it. Which is being forgotten all over again.

No matter how famous or infamous you are, nothing is permanent. Certainly not anything living. You could debate the definition of living. Is a gas living? Possibly. But, is that the same gas which was here billions of years ago. Similar, not the exact same and does gas have something which makes it alive? Something like a brain to feel and make decisions? Do we, as human beings, even know what passes for a brain of some kind among other living things? Jellyfish (I have heard on a science show) do not have brains. Yet, I’d say they are alive, living things. Maybe they do have a brain, its just not something we understand as a brain.

Science is amazing but we really know and understand almost nothing. The most true thing about anything is realizing how little you really know about anything once you start learning about it. Things look so much simpler from the outside when you really don’t know much about them at all.

That’s how we are all forgotten. No one really knows that much about any of us and we just aren’t that important enough in time and space to make much of a dent.

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