Make your Writer Feel More like a Writer this Christmas

writerWriting is something we often do alone while we think we really are not very good. It’s so easy to compare yourself to so many other people who seem to do it all just a bit better than you can ever do it yourself. We all get days where we feel we could not write our way out of a wet paper bag. So, we need some inspiration and encouragement from those around us.

If you have a writer you want to encourage this Christmas, I have some ideas for you! These will also work as self-help if you are the writer you want to encourage and inspire.

  • Treat yourself to a creative writing inspiration type of book. Really treat yourself or your writer and buy one new, not second hand.
  • Look at software for organizing and keeping track of freelance writing submissions. If your writer doesn’t already have something like this, you can really encourage them by giving them a tool to help them do more and do it better.
  • A dictionary is an old stand by, maybe too much of a stand by. But, if you really don’t know what to get it’s something safe. Make sure you go the extra mile and sign the dictionary with encouraging words from you.
  • A writer needs a portfolio, not so different from other artists. Talk to your writer about the portfolio they have and ask about how it could be better. Listen for ideas and ways you could help them get from where they are to where they could be.
  • Look at home offices and see what tools and gadgets would suit a writer’s home office. You might get a gift card at a store which offers wallpaper, paint and etc and let them use it toward redecorating the home office space they have.
  • Sometimes a writer needs to get away and recharge the batteries. Give your writer a trip to a spa, a coupon for a weekend of babysitting their kids, or get them tickets to a creative workshop or writer convention coming to the area.
  • If your own budget is tight give your writer a Christmas card full of inspiring quotes geared to writing and creativity. You can find all kinds of great writer-like quotes online.

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