Make Your Own Road Trip Kit

suitcaseI’m an urban, rural and industrial explorer. Mainly, I venture out, trying various roads in rural Ontario and look for abandoned houses, old buildings  ghost signs, stone flowers, and other interesting (and usually old) things which I then photograph.

As an explorer I take along a few things, travel light is always a good idea. So I bring my map book, better shoes than sandals and my camera. Other explorers bring along a lot more gear. Some get pretty loaded down and really must spend a lot, not just on the gear itself but the methods of carting it all around too.

I prefer to keep it simple. But, on a longer road trip, when we plan to go farther and stay overnight… I pack my nightgown, one change of clothes, shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste. I like to bring a good book to read too, but that’s on the side. I’ve begun bringing my mini laptop, not every time. I still like to travel light, even though we take the car. (I used to travel across Canada on the Greyhound bus and the VIA train).

Things to Pack into a Road Trip Kit

Organize and plan as you pack. Some things you may not need and others you may be really glad to have.

  • maps and/ or map book
  • walking boots/ shoes
  • camera
  • pens and paper
  • snacks and beverages or coffee money
  • sunglasses (optional)
  • driving music
  • reusable cup (a green touch)
  • napkins and/or hand sanitizer
  • lip balm (optional)
  • trash basket/can/bag.
  • mini laptop or something similarly useful
  • flashlight
  • sewing kit for fashion emergencies

Good Things to Have for a Road Emergency

It can happen… if you’re driving around in a car you should be prepared for trouble. Before you leave for a longer trip check more than just the level of fuel in the tank. Check your tires especially, during road trips and explorations, it’s the car tires that seem to have any problems, if there are any problems.

The Road Safety Kit for the Car

  • Standard car tools. However, these are only as useful as you are. Bring the tools in case you find someone who can use them, even if you can’t do much with them yourself.
  • Road flares, in addition to your hazard lights.
  • Extra clothing, blankets and boots for dealing with cold, wet and mucky weather, or waiting for help in the car.
  • Window washing fluid, salt and sand. The salt and sand are for under the car, not the windows.
  • Flashlight, useful for checking the engine in the dark or seeing who has come to your rescue.
  • Emergency cell phone, if you have one.
  • Snacks, pick something that won’t be stale when you get hungry stuck somewhere.
  • First Aid Kit.

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Don’t Forget to Travel Light

What you pack up for a road trip depends on how long you plan to be away (in general) and what you will be doing while you are away. Some things you can buy on the road. But, whatever you take with you, whatever you buy along the way and whatever you keep with you… at some point you’re going to be the one picking it all up and hauling it around.

Source for the Road Trip Button – Etsy – Happy Your Heart

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