Make your own Crochet Purse

A crochet purse can be very practical and very romantic at the same time. Here (see below) are patterns and ideas if you want to try making your own crochet purse. Some are purses which you can buy too.

I like crochet. I make granny squares and did start a bigger project but I messed up along the way somewhere and put on a shelf. Crochet is something you can do without a lot of extras. Just yarn and a crochet hook are all you need to succeed with any crochet pattern. Of course, there are extras for those who want to have them.

If you crochet a purse you will need a purse handle in some cases. It will depend on the style of purse you want and, of course, the pattern you are using. I like the look of the more polished and professional purse with a handle. But, then I started looking at patterns online and fell in love with some of the crochet patterns for purses with crochet flowers and no plastic handles at all.

The all crochet purse made with just yarn is going to be nice and easy to empty out and throw in the washing machine. You can’t saw the same for all those plastic handles, some will show wear and tear and cause wear and tear on anything else in the washing machine with them.

Don’t think you have to stick to just crochet. I found one purse which was a crochet base but had added old jeans as repurposed denim for a pocket on the front of the purse and the strap. You could also use the denim to line the purse inside.

I would strongly suggest lining a crochet purse. Unless you are very, very sure you will never keep anything small in your purse (like coins) which will slip out through the holes in the crochet. Face it, that’s not likely. So if you buy or make a crochet purse yourself, make sure it has a liner inside.

Free Patterns:

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