Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!

In the short time since I moved, is it a week already? I have bought over a dozen magazines. One book too: The Canadian Writer’s Market. There is a story about that book now. The latest edition came out just 2 days after I bought the old one at Chapters. I noticed it was in need of an update at the time but I bought it thinking it would be of some use, since websites were included for most of the listings. But, when I went back to Chapters a couple of days later I noticed the new edition sitting on the shelves. It hadn’t even been on their website yet. So, on Sunday I took the old edition back to Chapters and asked to exchange it. No problem, so now I have the latest edition.

Are you bored enough?

I had an idea this weekend too. Well, one of many. Anyway, I thought I would look at writing a bi-monthly/ monthly newsletter or blog or something column-like called “Tripping Around Ontario”. Of course it will have to wait until I have that car. But, when my last name is Tripp and I enjoy travelling and I am a writer, isn’t that just a combination too good to ignore? In the end, why not? So, if I can figure out how to pull it together and what to do with it once the string has been pulled… I think its a good idea.

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