Lucky Coins on the Ground

I was a few steps away from the coffee shop entrance. I noticed a dime on the ground. So I leaned down, picked it up and then noticed it was a US dime (not that it makes any real difference, it was just interesting).

When was the last time you picked up a coin from the ground? Would it have to be at least a dime in order for you to bother, or would you still pick up a lucky penny?

I don’t always pick up change. It’s not worth all that much and I consider how dirty it has gotten with people walking on it (and the odd really gross person who spits on the ground too). Is it lucky? Maybe. Whatever it is or it is not, it’s still ten cents in my pocket.

Next time you see a coin on the ground pick it up (then wash your hands) and see if something lucky happens in your day. I think the odds are with you, keep an open mind and watch for good things.

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