Looking for a Link Exchange?

Want to trade links with me? Let’s not do it the old fashioned way. I don’t want to have a huge list of sites I don’t really want to endorse by giving them a link here. I don’t want to check each link to make sure the content has not had a sudden change of topic. I don’t want to test each of them for link rot either.

Instead, the new way to do link exchanges is by using a network like CMF Ads. Join the forum for a look around. Join your sites to the advertising network and set up your account with a 125 x 125 square image. You don’t have to buy a thing. But you can if you want to speed things up.

Using CMF Ads lets you exchange links the easy way. Someone else has the headaches all you do (once you set up your site to run the widget) is accept or deny ads. Placing ads on other sites is also just that easy.

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