Looking at Men’s Style Blogs and What Makes or Breaks a Great Blog

I started Men’s Style on Scoop.it, mostly as an excuse to look at men in suits. I don’t mind admitting how nice it is to look at men dressed up and looking good. As I began looking at content (it’s a curated content blog sort of site), I realized how many fashion blogs there are geared to men. Not all of them are good, of course. Some are really great.

It’s funny the things that can make one blog great over others which have good content, navigation, layout, etc. If you think about it, what is the one thing that makes a blog stand out for you?

For me it’s whitespace. Having space and a clean look to the blog. This includes not having a lot of ads and other stuff cluttering up the sidebar. But, some blogs go bare minimal. For me this makes them look professional, easy to read and better written even. They may not be at all better than another blog which isn’t so clean-looking, but it’s the first impression I get when I see that simple, clean site.

Have a look at some (or all) of the men’s fashion sites/ blogs I’ve listed. See if you can decide what one thing makes or breaks a great blog for you.

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