Looking and Flying

hurtstolookThings are getting to a normal sort of keel again. The sinking of the ship is on the backburner and I’m feeling like I can cope again. 

I met the new tenant today. He is still scruffy looking but seems at least an average sort of guy. The doorknob on the back door broke while he was moving in and he replaced it. I take that as a good sign. Shows respect for our home and taking responsibility. There should be a door on the joined area this coming weekend. He mentioned that too, saying it was nice to have some privacy rather than having to be friendly all the time. It is nice to be able to not be friendly when you choose to.
I did notice an odd thing. The window blinds on the back bay window are all missing their sticks that let you turn the venetian blinds open or closed. I know they were all there before, I know I opened and closed those blinds before Christmas several times. So where are they now? Weird, why would anyone remove all three of them? 
The downstairs guy had Rogers installed. Made me feel concern for our nice new electrical panel. The electrician had nothing good to say about Rogers and their installations. I will be glad to be rid of them for myself at least. Hope the install they did today hasn’t mucked all the work up. They had all my services off for most of an hour during the install for downstairs. No notice or apologies and did not even let me know it was all back on before they left, they just left and said nothing at all to me. Not very good. 
I am catching up on Doodle Week. Don’t know how to get more interest in that. It has been winding down for sure. I will figure out something now that I have most of my difficulties fixed up. Will be glad to have something pleasant and creative to put some focus into. 
I drew the above picture while thinking about nothing in particular. After I thought it was interesting that I came up with that. If you think about it, you can take it two ways. One, to look where you are going, the basic plan. Two, it does hurt to crash into something you could have seen ahead. It made sense to me at the time, when I first had the thought. I think something is lost in translation now. 🙂 

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