Look! It’s Another Day!

Sometimes it’s funny how the days just keep coming. No matter if you wish they’d go by faster or slower or just stop awhile and let you catch up. The days just keep on coming at their own steady pace. Whatever you finish or still have to do the day ends and the next one begins at the same time, just on a different day.

I’m trying to do the post a day thing. We’ll see how it goes. Likely there will be some cheating, personality quizzes or I’ll post a photo of something or other.

Right now my big decision of the day is whether I want to have a shower now or make coffee first. It seems coffee is winning cause I’m still sitting here, not getting closer to the room with the big water. There are times when I’m getting into the shower that I remember a science fiction movie I saw. They were an advanced civilization who needed other people cause their own people were dying off. So they brought in people with a time machine. The new people had different standards of cleanliness, showers were really new to them. They had to be forced under that waterfall and then soaped up. Hair brushing came next.

I know being clean is healthy, we’ve established that since the Medieval times when they were dying of plague. But, how far to the other side have our standards gone? People used to wash their hair once a week and it wasn’t crawling with anything. Now people have to shower daily or they become socially unacceptable. We have to shave off most of our body hair. We have to perfume and stick gunk on anything that might stink on a warm day. Are we afraid of our own skin?

For some people who seem to have taken this too far extreme I think nothing less than wearing a new man made android type body will really suit them. A suit of armour type of thing that has no real skin, no real pores and no real glands of any kind. It just stays perfect all the time. The hair never grows or gets dirty. The whole thing can be coated with some kind of no-stick stuff so that it just needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth at the end of the day.

Of course, you wouldn’t have a real body then. Sex would be kind of pointless. But you’d always smell the same and never have a hair out of place.

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