Local TV Channels Going PPV in Canada

I’ve signed the petitions for the local TV stations to get paid through the cable companies. I know this will mean another increase to my bill from Bell TV. I am even willing to pay another dollar or so per channel to keep watching A channel, CBC, CTV and etc.

Ideally, this would mean the local channels could stop running ads. If I’m paying for the service I’d like to stop having the ads (ideally). I know this will not happen and I’m not even writing to ask for that.

What I am asking for however, is for CTV, the A Channel and all the others to cease and desist with the practice of turning the sound up when commercials are running. Then turning the sound down again when the programming starts. This is something which has really ticked me off from the very beginning. I have completely stopped watching some channels, like YTV, over this.

As a consumer who will be soon paying for the local channels I do not think it is too much to ask for CTV, the A channel and the others to treat us (the paying customer) with a little courtesy and respect.

I will also send this to Patrick Brown, our local MPP here in Barrie. Maybe my request will just be ignored but I really do think this is little enough to ask for in return for paying for the service.

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