LiveJournal for Content Curation?

Semagic is working.

LiveJournal doesn’t have categories for niche topics but the tags will work. I’m going to see how LJ will work for me as a hub for content curation. I’ve got my own sites but they don’t cover everything that catches my interest. Especially as my interest tends to wander around a lot. Maybe I can move a lot of my efforts from to LiveJournal. has become more focused on business, SEO, marketing and commercialism and anything personal seems to be unwanted (in spite of what they say, or used to say).

I was trying to do the same on Blogger but there is so little support there, no new features and updates to the old. Seems Google is just waiting for Blogger to finish dying so they can close it down and not step on too many toes. But, I won’t bad mouth Google, too much. They did save the old newsgroups! They still live on in Google Groups. I hope they will be well archived if ever Google stops wanting to keep them.

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