Little Things Get Bigger

It’s a simple thing, but one thing I like about crochet, knitting and other crafts is how you take something small and feeble looking and create something whole out of it. My Mother is a knitter, I like to crochet (though it’s been awhile). I like seeing the ball of yarn, it’s thin strand being taken up to become a sweater, a scarf or a hat. When you look close you can still see that spindly yarn but now it’s become a whole cloth, bigger and stronger than it was.

Think of other things where this happens. Where one small thing is collected up to become part of a bigger whole. There are tons of examples once you get your mind into it. Like raindrops making a puddle, snowflakes making a snowman, the drips of cream as you pour them into your coffee cup, how many examples can you come up with in a minute?

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