Listed with Inspiring Women

I was listed by Girl Talk on their Twitter list of Inspiring Women. A flattering thing to be called inspiring, especially when I look and see Girl Talk is about inspiring young women. Young people have too much to look forward to.

My nephew, Zack, is a young man (not 16 yet) and I know he looks into the future and is intimidated by having so much open and ahead of him. It’s a shame to be scared by it, when it’s out there just waiting and ready to be filled up by good things, happy experiences, goals to be reached, people to be met, etc. Just because it’s unknown doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. I look at my nephew, who I have known since he was a baby, I know there are a lot of good things ahead for him. Even the bad things are good in their way, they keep us working for better things and teach us what didn’t work. The bad gives you something to compare so you know when something is really good and worthwhile.

I hope I can inspire some young people. But, to be honest, I’d be quite happy to just inspire my own nephew. He’s a wonderful boy, becoming a really great young man.

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