List Writing

I don’t know why I only seem to feel like writing lists lately. Maybe it’s just because things are still so up in the air with everything. Still not moved. Still no word from John in Hamilton and I’m at the point where I guess I should just leave it as a nice memory. Nothing in the way of a job either. Though I did get an interested phone call from a company called GeoSign about being a Blogmaster or a Website Editor, if I moved to Guelph.

So… not much new to write about. Anyone up for another useless list?

Note: Apparently I’ve shocked a mouse. It wouldn’t be the first time. I used to have an apartment with mice. They were pretty easy to scare. I used to scare them away so I could run down the hallway and get into bed without having one of them cross my path. We were both frightened that way.

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