Lisa Garza

lisagarzaWe were away and I missed seeing The Next Food Network Star on Sunday. I’ve been watching it and hoping Lisa Garza would win. She is lovely, gracious and really knows her stuff when it comes to food and cooking. Disappointing to find out she didn’t win. But, there is a rumour that another television network has offered her a show of her own. Maybe it will give her a chance to shine with more of her real skills for crafts and cooking and all her food knowledge as well.

I found two different links to her couture/ designer aprons, both lead back to the same Couture Caviar URL but there isn’t anything up there, yet.

In addition to owning and operating a fine dining restaurant with her husband, Lisa has a couture apron line. “I see myself as a renaissance woman — I can teach the Food Network viewer everything from cooking to crafts to how to set your table and have it look like a $100,000 event.” – From Rachael Ray’s site.

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