Liquid Inspiration in a Mug

Although this is not a foodie or recipe blog, there comes a time when good things of the edible kind must be shared. I was listening to Laura Calder‘s French Food at Home today. One of the recipes she prepared was hot chocolate made with milk, honey and cocoa powder. I know it will be yummy. I am going to make it when I get more milk, I have the honey and cocoa powder.

Camille’s Chocolate Chaud
1 heaping spoonful high-quality cocoa powder
1 heaping spoonful honey
1 cup milk

Put the cocoa powder in a mug. Heat the honey and milk until very hot. Pour the slightest amount onto the chocolate powder and stir to make a paste. Now add a little more and temper it into the milk. Pour the chocolate milk into the mug.

Next time you need to work your way through a writer’s block check your cupboards for the ingredients and make yourself some smooth, chocolate inspiration in a mug.

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