Links in Canadian Cuisine



A history of cooks and cooking, foods and foodways in Canada.



Collection of tried and true recipes, reflecting Canada’s ethnic diversity. Dorothy Rheaume.



An explanation of Canadian meals. Unique food and drinks.



The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association provides numerous recipes that use maple syrup.



Lovella Schellenberg enjoys farm and family life western coast of British Columbia. Traditions of food and faith.



Information about the show and the cook, with recipes and kitchen tips.



Small collection of recipes from the French Canadian trappers of yesteryear.



The list includes: figgy duff, Saskatoon berry pie, butter tarts, and split pea soup. (August 03, 2012)




Valerie Lugonja showcases the evolution of Canadian Prairie cuisine. Based in Edmonton, Alberta.





Dessert dishes made from such familiar prairie berries as saskatoon, chokecherries and black currants.



Recipes for dishes using Manitoba grown ingredients.



Original recipes provided by this northern Alberta resident.


Provides information on various New Brunswick restaurants and also includes unique recipes.



Mainly seafood recipes. Soups, roasts and desserts.



Archive of Acadian recipes, including some Cajun and French-Canadian cooking.
Provides an archive and weekly features for recipes ranging from pickled zucchini to barbequed caribou ribs. St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Original source ODP, now Curlie.


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