Lily’s Friday Prediction

Lily’s Friday Prediction – The rules are: 100 words max flash fiction or poetry using all of the words above. New word list each week. Submissions must be linked to the comments in the blog by the following Thursday. (If you’re later than that you may as well start wtih the new Friday Prediction). On Twitter use the #fridayflash hashtag.

Monday notch speed – The words for this week.

They call him Mister Manic Monday. He picked up the office new hires on their first day. Put a notch in his bedpost and came to work on Tuesday without knowing so much as her name. I guess that was his idea of speed dating.

The police came to the office, asking questions. Apparently one of the new hires was slightly psychotic and didn’t take well to being dumped. Mister Manic Monday was never going to see Tuesday, that week or any other week.

How sad and ironic; that was the day I actually learned his real name.

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