Like a Fish in Soapy Water

You go down to your laundry room. Carrying another load for the washer and planning to carry up a fresh load from the dryer. Just another ordinary day…

There is a huge puddle of water in the middle of the floor, spreading out to nearly the walls on two sides of the room. Your feet are wet. Plus you have to hunt for the mystery source of all the water. Worst of all, you’re hoping it’s not going to be something really expensive like the hot water tank, a broken washing machine and other things flashing through your mind.

Turns out it is something much simpler than anything you came up with. A fish is living in our laundry sink. The water which should have drained out from the washing machine, into the sink and down the drain has instead just been filling and then overfilling that sink. There is a plug in the bottom and a big silvery fish swimming around in the somewhat dirty, kind of soapy, water.

What kind of fish likes soapy water and why?

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