Life is Flucked

How is it that my sister has such a great knack for picking the weekend I plan to go to BookCrossing to have a babysitting crisis? She never misses. It’s just after 2:00 and I would be at the Futures Bakery on Bloor if I hadn’t gotten a call from my sister asking me if I was coming out this weekend. Of course, she never calls to ask if I’m coming out unless she actually needs me to come out there. So I knew.

I didn’t return her call, just heard it on the message thing. Step Hubby is on call. Her staff at InPlay are fluffing off for whatever reasons. Her Nanny finishes at noon on Saturday. She likely has tennis or something too but didn’t mention it. So that leaves her to look after her kids and likely she would need to be at InPlay too. I know I’ve lambasted her for her Mothering skills/ theories/ ways before. But, it really is not fair that she picks this weekend every bloody month.

Last month I missed BookCrossing to go to Newmarket. The month before it was the same though I hadn’t actually organized much about going it was just an idea. This month I had said I was going, I had my books to trade all packed and ready and I was geared to go. Then she phones. She phoned me back. That’s how I ended up being flucked with a guilt trip so now I’m going to Newmarket. Life is flucked when you’re the Good Sister.

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