Life in a Small House

You’ve just won a free house! Of course you are very excited, feeling like you just won the lottery. It comes with the land it is built on and a free trailer hitch (which is kind of odd but you don’t put much thought into it at the time). When you arrive to claim the house and property the lawyer has you sign a bunch of stuff, some of it you read and it all seems straight forward. You actually own a house, all paid for!

When you drive out to see it, plans of moving in, furniture arranging and gardens floating around in your mind, it’s a bit of a shock. Yes, the property is there and there is a lot of land, all you could really ever desire with a lot of fruit trees and vegetable gardens. But… the house is tiny. Minuscule even. You wonder if your queen sized bed will even fit in there let alone your computer desk, china cupboard and the leather sofa you bought out of misguided love a year ago.

Still, it is a house. A home of your own. No money to pay for it. All yours. You can live there for just the annual costs due to the government and utilities not included. So it’s a little small. That’s not all bad. You talked about getting rid of some clutter. Now you can.

When you start really breathing again, what plans do you make? Will you move in, keep it but rent it perhaps or do you just keep some of the land and sell the house?

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