Let Them be Real

I miss the old General Hospital, the soap opera that it was in the 1980’s. I miss when Robin Scorpio was still a little girl. Anna and Robert Scorpio were in and out in their lives as spies but Robin was never a kid brought in once a year at Christmas time as if she were a doll. I miss when Kelly’s Diner was a warm and comfortable place not just another anonymous set. It felt like Kelly really worked there, because she was there, physically present.

These days it seems everyone on that show is either a doctor or a lawyer or just wealthy and not working at all. It’s just not that interesting. Lulu and Maxie have jobs working at the magazine for Kate and yet they have endless time off to run around all over town. They only seem to be at work randomly, a few minutes a day.

In these days when soap operas have been seen to die off, why are they turning them into professional dramas and losing the charm of the regular people who have real jobs that don’t make a great pay. The women have buckets of cosmetics, a house full of clothes, always wearing something new. I never seem them cleaning anything and yet their homes are immaculate, with vases of fresh flowers even! Everyone has a car, even if they don’t seem to have a job. I’d like to see people the people they keep in the background, the nannies, accountants and all the other staff, clerks, agents, and drivers. I’d like to see real people, not fake real people.

I’d like to see a waitress working at Kelly’s who is a real part of the show, not just background. I’d like to see someone who works as a cashier in grocery store and someone else who works in sales and doesn’t have money for all the cosmetics and clothes.

Write a character you’d like to see starring in a soap opera. Sure they have to have nine lives and all of that soap opera oddness but lets see them be real.

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