Let Sleeping Ghosts Lie?

I had a coffee date with a guy who has an interest in the paranormal and the supernatural. Things like ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster (known as Kempenfelt Kelly in the Barrie area or cryptozoology to the scientifically bent in general). I was looking forward to meeting him. I’m also interested in those things, not so much in ghosts though.

I’m afraid I do believe in ghosts you see. I’d rather not have the experience of finding out I’m right. If that makes sense. I used to see things and my Grandmother talked about ghosts she saw, until she refused to see any more.

The way I see it, anyone who was once human and comes back as a ghost isn’t going to be a happy camper in general. So, I’d rather stick to those who are still human, avoiding the undead, as there are enough monsters and upset, desperate people just among the living. Not that I think many people are like that. But, if you have to deal with someone who is, wouldn’t you prefer they be living rather than deceased? Doesn’t that whole ghost thing just bring in one more element of surprise too many?

Do you believe in ghosts and do you really think you want to find yourself seeing one? Or would you be happy to just wonder about it and let sleeping ghosts lie?

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