Left Handed Writers?

When it comes to typing on the keyboard does being left or right handed matter? Will being left-handed be forgotten now that we don’t write in long hand very often? I’ve even seen people who think writing long hand will one day become a forgotten/ lost skill.

My Mother is a leftie. Her Mother (my Grandmother) was born a leftie but had her hand smacked with a ruler at school until she wrote with her right hand. I was once married to a leftie too.

I write with my right hand but tend to eat with my left. Does that make me ambidextrous? I don’t think so, just a little backwards. But, I do think there is more to being left or right handed than which hand you hold your pen.

Varieties of left-handed writing

Left-Handers Day August 13th

The Sinister Shop: Left-Handed Items for Left-Handed People – Canadian shop selling for left handers and studying lefties since 1975.

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