Large Size Women Linked to Penis Size in Men

I was searching for links about large size women for the BBW Life and Dating topic. I like to find positive, good, optimistic links. The sort of site or post I would read myself.

Anyway, during my search for links about large size women, at least 50% of the search came back with links about penis size. I find that pretty ironic.

As a BBW/ large size woman, I do face men who become angry, ranting and downright foaming at the mouth with comments about fat women. I don’t know where they get such rabid hatred for people they don’t know. It must be based on a fear of becoming fat themselves or the fact that they really do like big women but can’t admit it. (I don’t claim to understand people who attack others without provocation so I really don’t understand the hatred some people have for fat people, especially women).

But, isn’t it just too ironic that man’s greatest fear is so linked to man’s biggest negative outlook on women? I could put it into smarter words but it’s after 2:00AM. I just wanted to write this, as a note to myself, before I go to bed and forget about it all.

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