Knockout Breasts

This came to me in an email this morning.

It seems that two women in their early twenties decided to go on a crime spree. The prey was men…horny men. Yep, these inventive thieves decided to dress in low-cut dresses with no bras. They dissolved powerful narcotic pills in water to create a paste and rubbed it on their breasts. Do you know where the story goes?

You guessed it. They “lured” men into licking their breasts and after the men passed out they woke up to find themselves sans wallet, car keys and cash. This was not done in the low rent districts of Bogota, but the more affluent areas. After all, who wants to roll broke winos!

The thought hit me, “how does a woman lure a man to lick her breasts?” Then I flashed back a few years and remembered it did not take too much coaxing when I was single. Oh, the benefits of memories…



What a good plan. But, I think the drugs they put on their skin would seep into their own bodies. This is likely not a true story. But, the idea is good. Along the lines of the story I was/ am writing.

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