Kind of an Off Day

There are so many things I want to do: ezine publishing, book writing, column writing, blogging, web design, blog templates, web comics, ASCII art, pixel art, writing in general, and I’m forgetting a few dozen other things.

It’s great to have interests, it’s good to have ambition but somehow you need focus and discipline along with creativity and inventiveness.

So, I’m working on the focus and discipline. Today wasn’t a great day for them. I did get some of the things done, the errands but the most important errand was left too late, the bank was closed earlier than I hoped. I told myself I would get the front page of my site done and uploaded and I have not started that. So bad, bad me.
I told the guy who isn’t paying the rent that he has to leave. That was a big deal, couldn’t totally get it out of my mind all day. He re-promised (much like regurgitated worms, leaves a bad taste and stinks too) that he would pay. He will catch up for December this week, he’s apparently decided he can skip November and October. I wonder where January fits in for him. Anyway, he also said “it’s not up to you!!!” With “you” being underlined heavily and all those exclamation points. Now, that just pissed me off. Buddy burned his last bridge when I read that.

I may drive out to see my brother tomorrow, he left a message that he needs some typing and computer set up help. While I’m there I will get official authorization for buddy who wants to continuing ripping us off. Then, I plan to tell buddy he can pack up and get out on the spot. No time to find somewhere else to go, time is up.

Anyway, I did go to the big Chapters bookstore today when I had my driving around day. So nice to go there and see what’s new in books. I looked at books about drawing (cartoons, manga and drawing in general), writing (though I didn’t see anything new there) and of course every single computer related book. I bought the latest issue of Broken Pencil. It’s their 10th anniversary this issue.

Now, it’s almost 8:00 and I can spend an hour on CSS and then I will go down to watch Medium on TV. I like Ghost Whisperer on Friday too but Medium is better. Maybe it’s cause she’s not a girl (she’s married with kids) and maybe it’s cause her life just looks more real rather than sugar coated for TV. I didn’t watch it before cause I don’t usually watch horror, especially anything to do with ghosts. But, my Mom got me hooked while she was up here, in the off season for snowbirds.

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