Keeping Down the Leprechauns

You finally catch that snickering little leprechaun. This time he won’t be getting away. He’s caught in a small steel cage and you’ve even got it on wheels so you can just tow him along wherever you go. He’s not liking it. But that just makes you feel better after listening to him laughing at you all these past months.

You can’t take a caged leprechaun many places without someone else wanting to steal him away and you need to have quiet to hear when he tells you the secret to his treasure. Reading a book would be a good idea but you forgot to stash one in your purse. Going to the library or a coffee shop won’t do cause he’s making way too much noise arguing and complaining and trying to trick you into letting him go.

It’s going to take some time before he breaks down enough to tell you where his treasure is… how do you pass the time?

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