Katy Didn’t

Susan Coolidge wrote the series of books beginning with “What Katy Did”. I read them as a kid. The part I most remember is the very start where the author overhears two insects arguing back and forth about “Katy did” and “Katy didn’t”. I picked up the books to read again. That is one of the great things about second-hand bookstores, you can always find old/ classic books.

Out of curiousity I looked up Susan Coolidge to see what kind of quotes she is known for. There was a very meager selection and most were too whimsical to really stand the test of time I felt. But, one thing she does have going for her is did and didn’t. At the end of the second book, “What Katy Did at School”, she writes:

“How much room for ‘Didn’ts’ there is in the world, I thought. What an important part they play! And how glad I am that, with all their own and other people’s doings, so many of these very ‘didn’ts’ were included among the things which my Katy did at School!”

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