Just me and the Other Dwarves

hidinggrrlNot many days that I skip off to work, eager to start the day there. Today isn’t one of them either. I’m going though. Already dressed, thinking about which socks to wear. Thinking ahead to when I have Wednesday off and I can do something, other than go into work. It will be a pay week too. Nice to know that is getting closer, each and every day.

I think I will be lazy today and take the taxi in. I’ll have to check the on hand finances first. But, what is the point of having money when I can’t do anything except go into work, pay bills and grocery shop. It sucks not having a car. I miss being able to get out places. Just for a coffee, a trip down to visit my nephew and neices and going out on my day off to explore some abandoned place or another. It is frustrating.

Anyway, off to work I go. Just me and the other dwarves.

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