Just Being Here is the Least I Could Do

Bitterly cold outside today. I am going out to breakfast though. Trying to make myself walk down but when I went out to get the mail (just at the door here) I reversed that decision. It’s frigid! I hope it’s not like this tomorrow when I have to wait for the bus to get to work. Yuck! That would be a day to take a taxi both ways. Better spend the money than lose fingers and toes waiting for that bus.

Anyway, in other news… the BackWash people are banding together in a group, a Google Group. Funny how that used to be newsgroups. Doesn’t have that feel any more. Not much different than any other message board/ email list type of site now. I hope they stick to their plan about keeping all the really old archives though.

BackWash has a new owner and will likely be gone forever soon. I should spend the day copying whatever I don’t already have copied. Won’t have a second chance. But, I wonder about that content. Will it be recycled by the new owner? What will the domain be used for now? It must have enough clout with Google Rank that it was of interest to buy. Will be interesting to see what becomes of the old site. I guess we get to keep our drawings in the end. I’ve got mine.

Time is passing along and soon it will be too late for breakfast and I am hungry. Going to take my book and spend the morning out at least. There is a second hand bookstore, pharmacy and grocery store all in the same strip mall where the little breakfast place is. No McDonalds on this end of town.

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