Just Another Windy Day

It’s a windy day, you’re walking along the sidewalk, coffee in hand. The wind is nice, just strong enough to blow the cobwebs out of your head, yet not so strong you’re having to hold onto things in order not to blow away yourself.

You see a man’s hat blowing along the sidewalk, bouncing on it’s rim. Whoever was chasing it must have given up, the hat is going by fast. Next you see a man’s toupee flying along in the wind, flopping in mid-air like the wings of a bird. You duck. It flaps on by, missing you. The hat and toupee make you think some guy is losing his wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be funny to see his suit jacket, tie, shirt and pants come along next.

Laughing about it, you don’t notice at all when the house flies down out of the sky and lands just a few steps behind you. The ground shakes and you slop some of your coffee on yourself. But, you don’t turn around, you have to get to work on time.

What is the oddest thing you’ve ever seen blowing around on a windy day? Could you write a story around it? Do you pick it up or just leave it to keep blowing around?

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