Just Another Day of Talking to Machines that don’t Listen

unamusedbunniesI’m working on my scanner. It doesn’t like it if I put the paper on it in a certain way. It takes real offense if I put any paper too close to the hinge in back. Having made the mistake of doing so a few times, most recently as very early this morning, I have tried to remember not to keep committing this grievous error. I don’t have that great of a memory, sadly.

So I am working on getting my scanner to be happy and functional once more.

Meanwhile I am reading blogs, dropping on Entrecard blogs and commenting on all the blogs as I think of something remarkably useful and wise. So, not all that many comments as you can guess.

My nephew Zack is staying with us awhile. He is beginning training to be a lifeguard. They say 12 is a great age to start taking the courses as there are several and he could easily be done by the time he is 16 if he takes one or two courses each summer. Zack is a great swimmer and he is the one who got his Grandmother (not me, remember… the Aunt, not the age of a Grandmother yet) to over come her fear of the water.

Anyway, just a few minutes left before he goes to his class for the day. He is actually going in early today to put in volunteer time teaching the little kids to swim.

Looks like the scanner has come to it’s senses again… err… I mean it will honour me by working now.

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