Jellybeanology to Create a Character?

We did Jellybeanology as part of the True Colours Workshop with the Barrie Job Finding club at Northern Lights this month.

I picked the red jellybean.

Cheerful, skillful, intelligent. A born optimist, seldom down long. A joy to be with. Never have to worry about money, financially ample. Determined, passionate, sympathetic for less fortunate. Likes entertainment and prefers to be where the action is. Chooses career early in life.

I thought I’d find a whole site or at least part of a site about Jellybeanology online. But, all I found was the quiz I linked to on Quizilla. At least you can try it. What does your choice of jellybean say about you?

True Colours was also interesting. More involved than picking a jellybean. I turned out to be Green/Blue, exactly 50% of each.

It’s interesting to take personality quizzes. There are lots of them online. Have you ever based a character on the results from a personality quiz? Just give random answers and then create someone out of the results you are given. Like being a god of your own mini universe. Give it a try.

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