I’ve Done My Time

First day of the new job today. It isn’t so different from the work I was doing on cash at Zellers. But, It pays a LOT better and I don’t have to stand there like some moving target all day long. The next two weeks I am making $10 an hour for the training and then I’m getting $11 an hour with the prospect of a quarterly raise (40 cents an hour). That is much better than Zellers. I went into Zellers at the end of today and bought a new alarm clock. I spent more than I would have on a Zellers grrl wage. It felt nice. I wanted to tell some of those sales associates to pack it in and go apply at NuComm. But, someone has to work at Zellers, I did my time there.

Things are getting sorted out after the move. Sort of.

Looking at that old photo of myself I feel more inspired to try losing weight again. I think it will have to wait till November when my Mother is likely to be gone back down to Florida again. We seem to be eating buddies and it’s not good for losing weight.

She suggested getting me a car once I had a job here in Barrie. I would pay her back as if it were a bank loan. Having a car would be excellent, though a big expense. I just can’t see myself not having one and not being able to drive out to Newmarket to see family there or take road trips for more old and abandoned houses. So, a car is important.

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