It’s Monday

Mondays haven’t really bothered me. Usually I don’t mind the end of the weekend. It’s the middle of the work week that always had me feeling I was dragging myself through it.

Today I am back at the Beaches. My brother dropped me off at the Kennedy subway station as he was on his way to the doctor in Scarborough. I stopped off at the Danforth Mall thing and bought some groceries, a new overnight bag for these trips out to Newmarket and I treated myself to a burger at Burger King. I didn’t get a crown though. I felt they were a bit lacking in that. Shouldn’t they know… just see me and know I am worthy of a crown?!! I tried not to let it get to me. I hopped on the bus home. No accidents or trouble. No snow shovelled but I haven’t slipped on the ice yet so that’s a good thing.

One thing I haven’t written about yet is getting hit by a car on Saturday. I think it still should be called ‘getting hit by a car’ even if you do get up and walk away. I was waiting to cross at the crosswalk, right at my street. The light changed, one side of cars stopped and then the pedestrian crossing came on. Which meant the light had been red for the cars a few seconds at least. They should all have stopped. One decided not to stop.

I did see that car. I just assumed it would stop. I was wrong. It hit me, pushed me rather than ran over me, luckily for me. The car did not stop. I fell down into the mucky snow and road salt. I wasn’t really hurt though my leg where the car hit me is sore. Not really bruised though, I was surprised about that. I guess I’m just tougher than I thought, or my hide is, which isn’t very complimentary for a lady.

Of course, the car left without a care in the world. I thought to get the licence but it was gone too far by the time my brain came out of stunned mode. No one stopped to ask if I was ok but I did get up so likely they just had better things to do, places to be rushing off to. What is one more annoying pedestrian?

Anyway, I’m fine. Graham, my brother, said I should even now call the police and make a report. But, about what? I couldn’t even be sure of the car colour a few moments after it happened. It’s like my brain had a mental shut down. I know it was a mid sized car, likely a pale blue or a offwhite/ cream/ beige. I only know the approximate time and place for sure. Besides, why bother with the police? They couldn’t even answer me when I asked about a problem before. I sure don’t want to waste my breath with another one. No doubt they are just too busy doing really important stuff, guarding public safety and all that.

I guess I’m kind of angry about it. At the time my first thought was I wished I had a rock or something handy to throw at their back window. I was still thinking that as I got the bus out to Newmarket. Wouldn’t that have surprised them as they sped along through the red light. I would have liked them to notice or have to at least suffer a bit for nearly running me down.

Anyway, that was my weekend but for spending time with Zack, getting out for breakfast with him on Sunday morning and a trip to the second hand bookstore. Zack and his sisters were all sick with colds. He was feeling worse this morning and even stayed home from school. I felt bad to leave but what else could I do. He already has a Mother, a Father and a Nanny. Surely one of the three could make sure he has food, warm clothes and such. They don’t seem to but, surely they should. So aggravating and yet I know my help isn’t totally appreciated.

Life is like that. People get jealous and peeved even when they are at fault. I’m making coffee now. I bought French Vanilla today along the way back here. Not sure how it will be, Folgers brand. I am hoping it will be good, optimism at work.

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