It’s Just a Pay Cheque

Posted this in a comment to The Woman I Am who wrote about being unappreciated and not liking her job. I hate my job too and have been using that to let myself take a couple of extra days off. I’m going to try putting in a full two weeks for my next pay period. It is nice to have the days off for myself but not so nice to have that chunk of pay off my cheque.

I always end up with a crappy job too. Seems ever thing I do comes down to selling credit cards at some level. These days I’m tech support, they call me for help but it still feels the same. I can’t jump up and find another job, this one pays better than any job I have had before plus it’s full time. I’d be nuts to go back to cashier in a dept store. But, you have to make your life outside of work good. Decide what you really want to be doing and don’t focus your life on the hours you are at work. Those are the hours you have to put into getting a pay cheque. Once you leave the building your life is your own. Figure out what you want to do with the hours that are your own. True you may have family and home to look after but those are still more your own decisions and hours.

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